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This site has been created by the State Library of South Australia to highlight its wonderful collections of wine-related materials, the largest in the southern hemisphere, if not the world. Their origins can be traced back to 1834 in London prior to European settlement of South Australia. They now encompass thousands of items including books, pamphlets, wine labels, company records and many other examples of exquisite oenography. All items referred to in this website, unless otherwise indicated, are held in the State Library's collections, and selections from them are being digitised as images. Not all images are as yet available. They will be progressively added as work continues on enhancing this website.


This site would not have been possible without the Library's dedicated fundraising body, the State Library of South Australia Foundation Inc. Through its endeavours, generous corporate support has been received from sponsors:

The support received from copyright owners of material digitised on this site, private individuals, the business community and government has been outstanding. The Foundation also acknowledges the generous support of The Wine Press Club of South Australia Inc. and Hotel Care Comunity Projects.

Copyright clearance

The Library has endeavoured to contact copyright holders of material digitised for this website, by letter, fax or email, seeking permission to reproduce. Permission is still being sought for some items. The Library acknowledges and expresses its appreciation to copyright owners who have given kind permission for reproduction of their material. Copyright owners will be acknowledged on the first page of the catalogued record with the digitised image of their item—due to technical problems, the Library regrets these copyright acknowledgements do not appear as yet.

Good faith statement

The Library has endeavoured to contact copyright holders of material digitised for this website, and permission is still being sought for some items. Where replies were not received, or where the copyright owner has not been able to be traced, or where the permission is still being sought, the Library has decided in good faith to proceed with digitisation and publication. The Library will be happy to hear from copyright owners or others who can advise on details of creators of artistic or written works where these have not been able to be identified, and will update those records accordingly. This includes adding a copyright statement where this is requested. Should copyright owners object to this usage of their material on this website, the Library would appreciate hearing from them at any time and will, if necessary, delete those images.

Reproduction of material

Should anyone wish to reproduce any material from this website which is still in copyright, the Library has on file the contact details of the copyright owners. Separate to copyright considerations, the Library has ownership rights of material held in its collections. To ensure that publication of material from its collections receives due acknowledgement and promotion, the Library requires that its permission be obtained prior to publication. For further information please read Publication of material from State Library of South Australia collections

Project overview

The Library recognises the importance of the wine literature collections to ?the wine state? of South Australia and is keen to harness their potential for the benefit of tourism, cultural interpretation, research, wine and food industry promotion. The Library has established a cooperative working relationship with the new National Wine Centre in Adelaide. The Library?s wine project aims to:

  • provide greater public access to the State Library of South Australia wine literature collections. This will be achieved by way of the website together with a permanent exhibition to be opened in 2003, which will highlight the Library's wine treasures;

  • develop the State Library as a centre for research and visitation through the creation of the website and through the development of an exhibition/interpretation centre;

  • achieve wide recognition throughout the wine, food, tourism and technological industries through promotion of this project, in recognition of the immense value of these wine collections to the tourism, research and cultural heritage of South Australia;

  • seek donations to support the collections and thereby maintain the illustrious reputation of the State Library's wine literature treasures.

  Project staff

Foundation Project Committee


Tyrrell Talbot


Andrew Robertson (Foundation Chairman)

Francene Connor

Valmai Hankel PSM

Sue Lear (Associate Director - Foundation)

Robert Mayne

Bob McLean

Project staff

Sponsorship director

Sue Lear, Associate Director, The State Library of South Australia Foundation

Project manager

Margaret Allen, Associate Director Library and Information Services

Project concept and content

Valmai Hankel PSM, Senior Rare Books Librarian

Project officer

Jenny Fitzpatrick

Technical management

Peter Jenkins, Manager, Digital Library Group

Site design and construction

Peter Freeman, Internet Services Officer, Digital Library Group

IT advice and support

Elvio Pederzolli, Systems Librarian, Information Technology Services


Narelle Karas and Daniel Planquart, Photographers, Image Services; David Bigham, Toby Woolley, Aaron Jacquier and Jaki Chalmers-Jones, contract staff


Valmai Hankel PSM, Jenny Fitzpatrick, Project Officer, Carolyn Spooner, Librarian Digital Library Group


Jenny Fitzpatrick, Project Officer; Anne Burrows, former Manager Published Heritage Collections, with assistance from Alison Beer, Librarian South Australian Published Collections, Mark Gilbert, Acting Manager Published Heritage Collections; Carolyn Spooner, Librarian Digital Library Group

Ampelography text and translations

Rosemary Radden  


Joyce Searle, Manager, Bibliographic and Technical Services; Jenny Fitzpatrick, Project Officer; Di Markham, Senior Indexing Librarian.


Sarah Hallandal and Joanne Freeman

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