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Wine Literature of the world quiz

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1. How old is the State Library's oldest wine item? Hint

2. What is the name of the State Library's oldest book entirely on wine? Hint
3. What is phylloxera? Hint
4. In what country did the grape variety Riesling orginate? Hint
5. Who wrote Australia's first wine book? Hint
6. Which South Australian wrote the first book on Californian wine? Hint
7. Where was Australia's first commercial sparkling red wine made? Hint
8. Who created Penfold's St Henri? Hint
9. When was Australia's first magazine entirely for wine consumers first published? Hint
10. Who wrote that wines cures gout? Hint
11. What is the largest wine festival in the Southern hemisphere? Hint
12. How many Fetes of the Vignerons of Vevey were held in the twentieth century? Hint
13. What is the name of the famous wine label designer whose collection is in the State Library? Hint
14. What image features on the Yalumba Heggies label? Hint
15. From what country originates the State Library's oldest menu? Hint
16. When did Andrè Simon dine in Sydney? Hint
17. Who was the first recorded drunk? Hint
18. Who said "I feel terrible! I shouldn't have had that last flagon!"? Hint

19. Which of the glasses illustrated below is most often used for sparkling wines? Hint

20. Which of the four options on this map represents the Barossa Valley region?

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