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Oz Water into Wine - Selected Items

This list represents just a fraction of the collection. These items are arranged in order of the date of publication, starting with the earliest.

  1. Extracts from The voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay.
  2. Extracts from The Sydney gazette and New South Wales advertiser.
  3. Extracts from Catalogue of vines in the Botanic Garden, Sydney, introduced into the colony of New South Wales in the year 1832 / by James Busby.
  4. Extracts from Letters on the culture of the vine, fermentation, and the management of wine in the cellar / by Maro.
  5. Extracts from The vine in Australia.
  6. Extracts from Culture of the vine and wine making.
  7. Extracts from Wine-growing in Australia.
  8. Extracts from Report on the cheap wines from France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Hungary and Australia.
  9. Extracts from John Bull's vineyard.
  10. Extracts from Views of Hans Irvine's Great Western vineyards and champagne cellars : Victoria, Australia.
  11. Extracts from The nomenclature of Australian wines in relation to historical commercial usage of European wine names...
  12. Extracts from Wine in Australia : a handbook.
  13. Extracts from Vineyards of Sydney.

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